Salesman of the Year

salesman of the year poster

Salesman of the Year short film poster


In the Salesman of the Year short film, a quirky salesman finds an intriguing gift box in his mail at work. What will he do to get ahead at work?


Samsung Short Film Competition

Samsung Short Film Contest

Entered as part of the 2015 Samsung Short Film Contest, and in conjunction with the 12th Dubai International Film Festival, Salesman of the Year was filmed entirely on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and won third place in the contest.

Launched in 2014 to support the aspirations of the UAE’s creative minds, the Samsung SHRT FLM CNTST has offered twenty-five people the chance to hone their craft with guidance from Emirati director Nayla Al Khaja, Samsung and the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF);and has previously sent two accomplished filmmakers to the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival. [Source: DIFF]