Heiho (Wood Panel)


Heiho, is the way of the warrior. It's more than a way for worldly battles. It is a method of conducting oneself in the World that leads to the victory of inner battles and eventually, enlightenment. 

Following is a translation from a Japanese excerpt from "The Book of Five Rings", written by a noble samurai, describing what Heiho is:

Musashi devoted himself to the path towards enlightenment since his youth, and had his first match at the age of thirteen. Winning battle after battle against fellow swordsmen, he was finally able to formulate a disciplined strategy in winning fights and eventually master his own destiny. He called this path Heiho.

The Heiho print depicts a samurai after his conquest of a beast, which is a metaphor for the battles we all wage in overcoming our own inner beasts.

This beautiful print comes on a sustainable birch 3/4 inch wood panel, printed and made in the USA. The wood panel also features indentations in the back for easy wall installation. 

Heiho on wood panel comes in a limited edition of 10 individually numbered and signed pieces. The wood panel prints pay homage to the traditional Japanese heritage wood block art. The wood medium brings out more saturated and defined colors than the canvas counterparts, and some of the wood grain also comes through.

Dimensions: 50.8 x 101.6 cm (20 x 40 in)
Editions: Limited to 10
Media: Archival inks on cotton canvas
Stretched on a wood frame